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Get Your Ex Back: The Magic of Making Up Review

Nothing can unravel a person like a broken heart.  Even the most cool-headed, put-together person can turn into a total mess when they lose the one they love.  For many people, this unraveling happens when you know its your own fault you’ve lost your lover.

Some of us are guilty of putting other things first, such as our careers or spending too much time with our friends.  Other times, we just don’t know how to show how much we care or do what it takes to keep our partners happy.  The sound of the door slamming when your partner walks out is a wake-up call that comes just a little too late.

There are plenty of resources for helping you bring your relationship back from the brink, such as couple’s therapy.  Those resources get far more limited for couples who have already broken up, especially if you parted on bad terms.  There are some books and courses devoted to helping you get your ex back, but these typically consist of silly ideas like getting a makeover and losing 10 pounds.  Those tips might work if your ex left because you weren’t attractive to them anymore, but most real relationships don’t dry up for such shallow reasons.

One system that does things a little differently is contained in a book called “The Magic of Making Up.”  This system’s success isn’t based on nonsense like you getting a haircut, or things that you already know don’t work – like begging for forgiveness.  Instead of advising you to do the same old thing, this book taps into common-sense strategies that work.

This book offers a lot of real-world advice for how to recover from the mistakes we all make in our breakups.  From pretending it didn’t happen (like that ever works…), to the dreaded drunk dialing and showing up at your ex’s house or workplace, “The Magic of Making Up” teaches you how to undo the damage of those crazed moments after a breakup.  From there, it also shows you how to stop making those mistakes and switch up your approach.

Though the book’s strategy seems a little crazy when you read it (and I can’t go into too much detail here without violating the author’s copyright), there’s a magnetic quality at its core.  This really will get your ex’s attention, and help you build a bridge back to a lasting relationship.

“The Magic of Making Up” by T.W. (T-Dub) Jackson is an e-book course, available exclusively online:

  • Course Title: “The Magic of Making Up”
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  • Author: T.W. Jackson