5 steps to-get-over-your-ex

After a breakup we tend to hang on to everything that reminds us of our ex. It’s like we want to punish ourselves and dangle in front of us what we can’t have. Even if you want to get you ex back you should still follow these steps because it help you become stronger and you can go back into the relationship with a different mindset.

Step 1

You’ve Got Mail! I’m sure you’ve been going through every email they have ever sent you, analyzing every one of them to see what you did wrong or what they meant by “that“. You have to stop or you’ll drive yourself crazy! DELETE THEM NOW!! I’m not going to tell you it will be easy, cause it won’t but you absolutely have to do it! You need to bring the control back to you and send those emails off into email heaven (or hell), instead of allowing those emails to send you into a deep hole of despair. If you are really uncomfortable completely deleting them then save them onto a disk and then delete them.

Step 2

Box it up! Go through your place and anything that reminds you of them put in a box. That means any pictures, birthday presents, clothing, anything and everything must go in the box, that includes that disk with all of the emails on it! Your place might look empty after but that is ok, you are starting fresh and remember it’s YOURS and only YOURS. Now take that box (or boxes) and put them in storage or store them at a friends place or better yet, donate it! If you want to go really extreme, burn it!

Step 3

Have a cry and say goodbye. Now that you have cleared them out of your computer and your home it’s time to say goodbye. Put on some good sappy music and have yourself a pity party and cry, cry, cry. Now you are going to write them a goodbye letter that you aren’t really going to give them. This letter maybe addressed to them, it’s really for you.

Write down everything, let them know you’re pissed off, hurt and scared, just let it all out. You are getting them out of your system, and with every word and every tear you will become stronger!

Step 4

Retail Therapy! Now that you have eliminated all of their stuff you have to replace them with things that you love. Where that picture once was replace it with a picture you love etc. add things to your home that show who you are, not what you were with them. Buy a new vase with your favorite flowers.

Step 5

Learn Something New! Was there something that you always wanted to do but never had time for? A cooking class, an art class, maybe a new sport or hobby? Take the plunge and try something new, it’s great therapy. Some people have taken up running, hiking or even ballroom dancing. The idea is to find something you will love that is only about you and it will make you more confident.

These 5 steps will help you begin to mend your broken heart and help you become a stronger person. You need to realize that you are a wonderful person on your own and you don’t need any one else to make you feel complete. By removing them from your life will help you see things much more clearly and you will begin to look at your past relationship in a whole new light. Maybe you want them back, maybe you don’t but by doing these 5 steps you will be in a better position to decide what would be best for you.

These 5 steps are things that I’ve tried and have worked for me, is there something that has worked for you? would you like to share? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear them!

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