five things to remember about dating guys

Everyone does it. Not everyone loves it. Whether you find it terrible and frustrating, or just trying to heal your broken heart, or you actually enjoy it, you know you are going to have to do it if you want to find that one person you want to spent the rest of your life with and end your dating career. To find your perfect soul mate you are going to have to do it. Ladies, here is some tips to help you along.

To date guys successfully we can break some dating tips down in to five important tips. They are:

  1. Men are not women. Guys do not like to hang out in malls and shop with their friends and try on outfit after outfit. It’s difficult to even drag them there if they need something. Save the mall time for your girlfriends, it’s a great way to catch up with them.
  2. Men are not women. They do not want to be bored with meaningless talk about your feelings or things that are wrong with your relationship every minute of the day. It’s important to find the right time to talk about your relationship otherwise he will not listen to you. Avoid making him angry and embarrassed by trying to talk to him in front of his friends or yours. Find a nice quiet place to talk and never, never, never compare him to your ex-boyfriend.
  3. Men are not women. Trust me on this one: they do not want to see you show up at their door with no make up on and ratty jeans. It will be ok for this thing to happen – much, much later though, like after the kids are teenagers. Please girls, for now, don’t let yourself go, wear cute clothes and make up to keep your man interested.
  4. Men are not women. Guys do not like with you pull out your cell and start texting your friends right in front of them. You should be keeping in touch with your friends but when you are with your man he needs to feel like he’s number one. Don’t you think he deserves your undivided attention? Texting or talking on your cell while you are on a date is just plain rude. Don’t make your date think that he is not worth your full attention.
  5. Men are not women. They do not find giggling and gossiping about others hilariously interesting and entertaining. According to the male half of the population, who can come up with the most hurtful rumor is nothing to be proud of. It is also not cool to begin gossiping about one of his friends with a rumor that may or may not be true. Guys do not talk about there friends the way girls do. Again, save it for coffee time with the girls.

To having a great time on your dates, remembering these five very important tips will take you much farther with dating guys. Remembering these tips about dating guys will also allow you to get more than one date with the same guy. “Being Yourself” should be enough is what most people giving dating advice will say.

That is not terrible advice, but trust me, if being yourself includes any of the forbidden behavior in the five most important things to remember when dating guys list, don’t be yourself. Be better. Have a better dating life and heal your broken heart, just remember these five very important tips about dating guys.

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