Some Practical and Surprising Tips on How to Heal My Broken Heart

Relationships can be a truly wonderful thing and they can add joy, happiness and meaning to a person’s life. However, when those relationships end, the emotions that the break up can lead to are the exact opposite of how wonderful and enjoyable the relationship made you feel. In essence, you usually come out of those times with one whopper of a broken heart. Having a broken heart can be a terrible thing to have to contend with, but with a few simple how to heal my broken heart tips, you can make the situation not only more manageable, but you can also help to reduce the time you have to suffer.

There are plenty of how to heal my broken heart tips that you will find, but one in particular deals with putting the relationship and those things that remind you of that other person out of your life and out of your mind. What you will want to do is gather everything that reminds of your ex, pack it up and get rid of it. Throw it away, donate it to charity, give it back or have a friend hang on to it for you. Whatever you do, if it belongs to your ex, get as far away from those things as you can.

Another good how to heal my broken heart tip, although this might seem a little odd but it is a proven way to get your mind off of your lost relationship, and it’s good for you as well, is to get some exercise. It is a scientifically proven fact that as you exercise, your body releases endorphins that actually help to improve your mood. It would account for why some people who come out of a serious relationship tend to lose weight, look better and feel better. While this might not be the sole source of your broken heart recovery, it may give you more hope that you can and will get over your heartache.

No one wants to think that in the middle of a wonderful relationship, that their relationship will one day end, but the sad fact is that they often do, and when they do, it can throw you into a spiral of depression and despair. However, with these simple how to heal my broken heart tips, you can find that there is life after the break up.

How A Confident Attitude Will Help to Get My Ex Back

Although a breakup with a boyfriend or with a girlfriend can be really depressing, it does not need to mean that the relationship is over. Even if the breakup should suddenly leave you feeling confusion and loneliness, you may still feel really eager to heal the wounds and jump right back in to that relationship with your ex. If you are asking yourself ‘how can I get my ex back’, then there are some things you need to know.

If you learn how to react following a break up, and you become aware of how not to strain the relationship even further, then getting ex back will be easier than ever. It can seem hard to keep up a cheerful attitude throughout your day following a breakup, but it is believed by relationship experts believe that an optimistic and confident attitude can go a long way. Here are some of the ways that a confident attitude can answer the question ‘how can I get my ex back?

You should remain confident if you are asking “How can I get my ex back?”. Rather than mopping around, keep yourself busy and occupied. Keep the depression out of your demeanor. Let your ex see that you are fine emotionally and that you are capable of being just fine on your own.

Remain socially active – If getting your ex back is your primary focus, surround yourself with well wishers, positive attitudes and good friends. Show your ex that people appreciate you, and that they love having you around. As more people begin to feel good about your presence in their lives, your ex will begin to see you in a completely new light. He or she will realize that yes, you are a good person that they simply cannot afford to let go of. One of the best ways, your ex will notice you in a new light.

Do not let your appearance reflect your situation – Maintain a good appearance to the best of your ability and this will help in getting your ex back. Be aware of your looks more than ever now, the way you walk, your makeup, your shoes, your clothes and how you do your hair. Your ex should see that you are doing just fine, and although it made be difficult to act happy you do not need to beg. You are going to get back together like adults who are mature and responsible if you are going to get back together at all.

Can Plastic Surgery Save My Marriage And Mend My Broken Heart?

I think many women have false hope that plastic surgery could save their marriage. But are women having plastic surgery to keep their man or are they doing it for themselves? Whatever your intentions are you may still find yourself trying to mend your broken heart.

The first one of my friends to get plastic surgery was Cori. Her marriage of 16 years had always been pretty rocky, in fact early that year they had done a trial separation. When their kids began to act up at school and act out at home they decided to give their marriage another chance. Since both of them had had affairs there was a lot to work through. Cori was constantly comparing herself to the woman her husband had been with and her husband, Will, was over compensating to try and bring the spice back into their relationship.

Trying to work through their problems they both came to the conclusion that plastic surgery would help. Cori wanted to feel better about her body and her husband hoped with her new confidence that their relationship would get that spice back. Since the one thing that Cori wasn’t happy with on her body was her breasts, they decided that she would get breast implants.

She told me that after the surgery she literally had to fight her husband off and she loved it! She claimed that it was the best decision they had ever made and she was quite sure that it saved their marriage.

Unfortunately that is not always the case; in fact some men are terrified of their women getting any plastic surgery done. One man, from Alberta, says he loves his wife exactly as she is, but she wants to have a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast implants. He explained that she wants to have the body she had before they had children, but he’s afraid that with her new look that she’ll run off and have an affair. Are his fears warranted?

Most women get plastic surgery to make them feel better about themselves. If their current relationship is dysfunctional then the surgery may give them the self-esteem to finally leave. But if the relationship is solid any surgery shouldn’t have any negative effects.

Another woman confessed to me that her husband asked her if she would ever consider having breast implants. She thought he loved her C cups, even though they weren’t quite as perky after two kids. She immediately began to feel self-conscious about them and decided to get surgery done to please him because she thought that is what he wanted. While his comment had been quite innocent it planted a seed into her head.

The surgery made her feel depressed and she stated she felt her slim build looked like a pencil with two huge balloons on it, she thought she looked like a clown. Although her husband told her she looked beautiful she became more and more self-conscious. Finally, with her husband’s full support, she decided to have the surgery reversed and a breast lift done instead. She claimed for the first time in a long time she feels like herself again and her husband was just happy to have her back.

Most research states that plastic surgery often does not help if a relationship is already having problems, has a history of problems, or if you are getting the surgery to please someone else. It only a temporary solution and the underlying problems are still there. Those problems need to be dealt with before considering surgery or your relationship won’t survive anyways.

This is exactly what happened to Cori. Six months after her breast surgery her marriage began to have problems again. While her new body and confidence had been a great distraction for six months, the same old problems and patterns began to surface and they were back where they had started – separated. Even though she is heart broken that they couldn’t work it out she claims she doesn’t regret her surgery because she did it for herself as well as her husband. She says she feels much better about herself and she is confident that her heart will mend.

Plastic surgery done for the right reasons, and not to act as a “band-aid” to save your marriage, can have many positive affects. After all it’s quite normal to want to have your body back after having children, or change something you’ve always wanted to change, or just to fight aging. Regardless of the reason you have to be doing it because you want it, not to please someone else. So if you are trying to save your marriage with plastic surgery you may instead find yourself trying to mend your broken heart.

Don’t Drive Him Away Learn How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Did something go wrong between you and your boyfriend, causing one or both of you to flee? If things fell to the wayside, there’s still hope! With the right steps you can learn where to go from here and how to how to get your ex boyfriend back.

These next 4 questions are extremely critical to ask yourself when figuring out how to get your ex boyfriend back.

  • Is the matter that caused the breakup actually important enough to warrant the attention it is getting?
  • Is it even really appropriate to argue about this matter right now?
  • Can anything be changed or made different by prevailing in the argument or is it more worthwhile to just nip the argument in the bud and move on?
  • Is the issue even worth arguing about in the first place?

Stop pressing the matter and let it slide if you answered no to any of the above questions. If more arguments were settled at the time, many breakups could be prevented, that’s why communication is so important. So many breakup arguments are unnecessary and both parties should let the stress slide and let it go.

Don’t worry about how you are being perceived, the next step is to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back. Whether people think you’re too heavy, too thin, too serious or too stupid really shouldn’t matter. You want to let go on these concerns so that you can finally be yourself and let your behavior flow. Let people, including your ex see you for who you are and not who you are trying to be.

Emotionally and mentally distancing yourself from your ex is an important step in learning how to get your ex boyfriend back. While this may seem counterintuitive, it is actually important to take yourself out of the situation mentally, removing the stress associated with the break up. When you are feeling more calmed and relaxed, and he is feeling the same, this is when true resolution can finally become a part of the dialogue between the two of you. A little bit of distance never hurt anyone. It’s important to stay in contact and maintain positive conversation and communication, but take the emotions out of the situation if you want to survive the conversation.

Your situation can be honestly analyzed when both your heads are clear. Once you are both not so angry about the issues that led to the breakup then you can sit down and find a solution.

If you want to rekindle that flame, most breakups can be undone once you both are patient and talk things through maturely.

So win your ex boyfriend back without driving him away. I would have never known how to do this on my own, that’s why I’m so grateful to T “Dub” who helped me get the love of my life back. T ‘Dub’ authored a simple, down to earth step by step plan called “The Magic Of Making Up“. And you know, it worked like magic for us and now we are more in love than ever.!

3 Tips to Help Someone Fall In Love With You

You see it on TV and in the movies, girl love boy or boy loves girl but they love someone else. Magically though, by the end show they get together and live happily ever after. Can this fairy tale happen in real life? Is it possible to make someone fall in love with you and heal your broken heart?

Here are 3 tips to help that special someone fall in love with you:

  1. Common Interests – People are often attracted to one another when they share a common interest. Try to get to know them and find out their interests; are any of them yours too? Maybe you share the love of hiking or reading the same type of books, whatever it is you can build on that interest. Don’t ever lie about an interest, if the person ever found out you would be breaking their trust and could jeopardize any further relationship. Also you never want to be someone you aren’t; you shouldn’t have change who you are for someone you love.
  2. Qualities – When people are looking for a partner they look for someone who has qualities they like or admire. For example, one of my friends will only go out with men who are over 35, are non-smokers and have a sense of humor. Do you have qualities that the person you love is attracted to? Look at their past relationships, are their ex partners similar? Do you have any of the qualities that they had? You have to be careful here and don’t try to be just like their past partners, after all there is a reason they broke up. That little something they were attracted to could be as simple as allowing him to hold the door being open for you, holding their hand or made them feel special in some way.
  3. Be a good friend – I believe a good relationship starts with friendship. It may take a long time to get the person you love but as your friendship grows, you will become a vital part in their life. If they need you, be there for them, be a good listener, but do not stop and just sit there and wait for them! You have to continue living and try dating other people. If you look like you are just there for them at every whim you will only look pathetic. It may sound weird to date other people while you wait for them but you have to show them that you have a life and other people are attracted to you, it may make them look differently at you, they may even find you more attractive.


It’s difficult and heartbreaking when the person you love doesn’t love you back. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You could have a fairy tale ending just like on TV or in the movies, but if these 3 tips don’t work, that person may not be the one for you and you will have to know when to move on and try to heal your broken heart.

How A Rebound Relationship Can Work In Your Favor

If you have broken up with the love of your life and he is in a rebound relationship, how do you get him back?

Remember, a rebound relationship is happening here because he is trying to get over you. They use rebound relationships to keep them from dealing with their emotions. They’re used to help people move on from a real love and that’s the key to getting your ex back. This rebound relationship is happening because he’s trying to deal with losing you, why he lost you doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter if it is your fault or his. It really doesn’t matter who said the relationship is over. Any relationship that has true love at it’s core can be saved.

He will now be focusing on what went wrong with your relationship if he’s now in a rebound relationship. You can bet he’s probably hanging with a bad girl if you were a good girl. If you were into sports, she’ll be into philosophy. Allowing him to focus on the style difference can be good for you for two reasons. He may still be doing a lot of thinking about you even when he’s with the new girl. And, it gives you a chance to see what he’s looking for. It could be that if he has started seeing someone completely different from you, he was lacking things from your relationship. You can use the time he’s with rebound girl to improve yourself.

In time he will start to see the flaws in the new girl so just let the rebound relationship run its course. After a month or so with rebound woman, you’ll start to look pretty good, that’s why you don’t want to crawl back to him right away. You need to welcome him back graciously once he’s ready to make a move back to your direction. Don’t do the chasing but be a new and improved girlfriend.

Here are some specific steps to take when your ex is in a rebound relationship:

  • Don’t try to make him see that it wasn’t your fault. He will come to appreciate that over time – but only if you haven’t made him invest energy in defending his position that it was your fault.
  • Don’t make promises to change. You are who you are and that’s who he fell in love with.
  • Never, ever beg him to take you back.
  • Don’t try to convince him that you are the love of his life. Let him discover this on his own.
  • Don’t apologize profusely. If you did something wrong, you can say you’re sorry. Once. But move on. He knows the real reason he loves you.

When your ex starts going out with someone just after you break up, he’s in a rebound relationship. Don’t get too worked up, you can make up and get back together with him. Getting into another relationship this quickly is a sign that he could still be very much in love with you.

What Should I Do To Get My Ex Back

You go through a lot of painful emotions, when you break up with someone you love. You feel sad, depressed and hurt, and you miss them. “What should I do to get my ex back?” becomes a question you constantly ask yourself.

Several tools are out there on how to get my ex back, including, blogs, forums, websites and books. But common sense can really make a difference after a breakup. And common courtesy can go long way toward healing your relationship. If you’re preoccupied with your lost relationship, wondering “what should I do to get my ex back?” then follow this simple advice. You’ll give yourself the best chance of getting back together with that special someone.

Don’t play games. Unfortunately lots of people resort to this while broken up, it seems to give them a sense of power. Your manipulating the other person if you can make them feel like you care more than you really do or that you really don’t care at all. But it won’t feel great for long. Lying and tricking the other person will eventually start to not feel so good anymore. If something good happens it will never be the best it can be because of the lie. Some people play games where they pretend to be dating someone else, or they pretend to be in love with someone else. This is a ploy to make the ex jealous. While it does work now and then, other times it makes the breakup permanent because it backfires. Seeing you with someone else could make your ex really jealous and it’s there they may suddenly realize that they still want you. Or they could decide that since you moved on so quickly, you don’t really care about them anyway. It won’t be possible to know which way it will work until it’s maybe too late.

Don’t be mean. This holds true in any situation or any relationship, but sometimes the anger around a breakup makes us act more viciously than we normally might. Even if you’re hurt, the fact that you want to know, ‘What should I do to get my ex back?” shows that you’re ready to forgive that person. If you couldn’t, you wouldn’t want your ex back, you’d be glad it was over. Now reflect on what your part of it has been . If you were your ex, would you look forward to spending time with you or talking to you? Or would you dread each time? Do you shout and nag? Even if you feel like raising all kinds of arguments, simply don’t. Work very hard at controlling your anger and hurt, and being a person they can miss.

“What should I do to get my ex back?” Make your ex remember what they saw in you right from the start by being on your best behavior. They will start to remember and miss all of the good things that you offered them. Your chances will be better in getting your ex back.

Follow these beginning steps to win back your ex. When I lost the love of my life these are the steps I followed. And frankly these aren’t my original ideas. When I realized that I really had no idea how to win my true love back I turned to T ‘Dub’ Jackson. A simple, easy to follow program called ‘The Magic of Making Up‘ was produced by T ‘Dub’ ‘The Magic Of Making Up‘. And you know, it worked like magic for us. Our love is deeper than ever before.

Heal Your Broken Heart – What To Do If He is Being Unfaithful?

You see him catch her eye, then they both look away quickly, but smile as they do it. Your heart has been breaking as you’ve watched the progression of their “crush”; they’re seemingly innocent flirting, and the long periods of time that they are both to be “missing” from a party. He’s your husband – and she is supposed to be your friend. Can you forgive him for being unfaithful and heal your broken heart?

Our immediate emotions are hurt and anger when we find out our partner has been unfaithful to us. Is there a way to get passed this, stop the affair and repair your relationship? You have to ask yourself whether you are still in love with him and if the relationship even worth repairing?

If you want to repair your relationship then one of the first things you need to do put yourself in his shoes, why is he attracted to her? Is there something missing from your relationship that is drawing him to other women? Usually if one partner cheats it is due to the fault of both parties and either their relationship has become stale or one of you (or both) is taking the other for granted. Even if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time you still need to make your partner feels special. A successful relationship has to be worked on and maintained because if it isn’t the relationship can’t grow.

Sometimes people cheat just because the attention they get from the opposite sex makes them feel good about themselves. Imagine if after years of being in a relationship and out of the blue some great looking guy is flirting with you. Suddenly you feel a little sexy, maybe a bit naughty, and with a little flirting he has made you feel things that you haven’t felt in a long time.

Now that doesn’t give anyone the excuse to take it further than some innocent flirting. So that means you need to have a heart to heart talk with your partner. You need to explain that you know what is going on and ask what him what his intentions are. Does he love her, does she love him? Does he still love you? If there are things that you need to work on in the relationship, like not taking him for granted, tell him you realize that.

If working it out is what you decide to do, then you both have to be willing to give it 100%, because it will be a rough road. If you can, try seeing a marriage counselor, they can act as a mediator so you both can get your feelings out and communicated properly to the each other. If you can’t see a counselor then you both have to be respectful when the other is trying to tell you how they feel.

Also, one of the most important things you need to remember is, if you decide to forgive him, you absolutely CAN NOT throw the affair back in his face. That will not help build your trust up with each other.

If you find that you are having trouble forgiving him and you still cannot trust him, you may have to move on to heal your broken heart.

Mend Your Broken Heart – Top 3 Reasons Why You are Still Alone

Your friends are always telling you that you are good looking, have a great personality and have so much to offer someone, but you’re thinking  “If I’m so great then why am I still alone on a Friday night trying to mend my broken heart?”

The solution may be closer than you think if you are willing to be honest with yourself. Most of the time we walk around in denial, telling ourselves that all the good ones are taken, but you’re still single and you are a good catch, so all the good one aren’t taken!

Reason #1 – You are attracted to the wrong person.

Make a list of what you look for in a partner, is your list close to who you are attracted to? My friend, Belle, for instance, is a beautiful girl and has no trouble getting a date, but her relationships never last more then a few months, why? For Belle, she needs to have that instant attraction or she doesn’t give the guy a chance. That attraction though, has nothing to do with the guy and has everything to do with sexual attraction. How can you build a long-term relationship on sexual attraction?

Some couples can grow from a sexual relationship to a more meaningful relationship, but it really depends on the people. Unfortunately for Belle, these guys she is attracted to are not the kind of guys that want to settle down, or are the type that will stay faithful. That is why she always ends up with a broken heart, because her list and the guys she went out with have very little in common.

What does your list look like? Does the person you want to be with the same person you are attracted to?

Reason #2 – Looking for love in all the wrong places.

I hear constantly from my friends how hard it is to meet a great guy. When I ask them where they are looking they sheepishly tell me… a bar. I don’t know about you but I don’t know anyone who has met someone at a bar and had a lasting relationship.

While there is always a chance that you could meet someone great at a bar, you’d probably have a better chance to meet someone at a coffee shop, a bookstore or even a laundromat. One of my friends met her husband at the bus stop, since they were both there everyday at the same time they struck up a conversation and got to know each other. After a few weeks they finally went on a date. If they had met at a bar they probably wouldn’t have even bothered to get to know each on the same level as they did at the bus stop.

What are some of your favorite places to hang out, could it be the place you meet your Mr. Right?

Reason #3 – You listen to your friends and not your gut.

Our friends only want what best for us and sometimes what they think and what we think is not always the same thing. I remember meeting my friend’s new boyfriend one night, they had been dating for a while and she really wanted her friends to finally meet him.

It was rocky right from the start, her new guy got totally hammered and was completely out of hand. My friend squirmed in her seat as he kept spilling his drink everywhere and got louder and louder. He did not make a good first impression.

The next day I told her, “That guy is an idiot, you deserve much better than that!”. I know I wasn’t the only one who told her to dump him, but she didn’t give in to peer pressure and continued to see him.

I’m so glad she ignored me because he turned out to be a really awesome guy! He acted like a complete jerk that night because he had been nervous about meeting all of us so he drank too much.

So do you listen to your friends and dump potentially great guys?

So is the solution to why you are still alone right in front of you? Do you think you know now what changes to make? Can you make the changes so you are not home alone on a Friday night, wondering to yourself “How can I mend my broken heart?”. If you think there is another reason I may have missed, let me know by putting in your comments.

I’m Still In Love With My Ex – Can I Get Them Back?

It’s reasonable to think “I’m still in love with my ex” especially if the breakup is still fresh in your head. That doesn’t mean that the break up had to be recent, just that you are still clinging to some hope that you will get back together. You can’t help but think “How can I get them back and heal my broken heart?”

With the holidays coming up it’s natural to feel lonely and want what you use to have, but be careful what you wish for. Getting back together with your ex might not be the best thing, so before you proceed you need to make sure you really think it through.

First of all you should think about why you broke up. Is it something that you alone can fix? Unless your ex is on board with trying to make it work, you may have to change only the things you can do alone.

You don’t want the same relationship again, obviously something was wrong, otherwise it wouldn’t have ended. So instead of repeating the same old cycle, which will not be appealing to your ex, you need to add something new to the relationship.

For example, think about the things that went wrong in your relationship, what were your fights about? Were you the one instigating them or was he? After my breakup I discovered I was way too motherly, I always tried to fix everything, instead of allowing him to figure things out. It made him feel inferior and like a child. Or are you like my friend, Serena, she allowed her anger and resentment towards her husband to drive him away?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing; it allows us to look at the past much more objectively and without emotion. Write down the things you think went wrong and now try and change them. If you were angry, try and let the anger go before even attempting to talk to your ex. If you are like me, always trying to fix things, learn to listen and be there for him instead of trying to fix everything. Let him come up with some ideas, it will boost his ego if he can take care of it himself.

Once you have figured out what you need to do, and are making an honest effort to change, then start to re-establish a friendship with your ex. Take things slow and test the waters a little bit. If you push too hard you may scare him off forever. If he seems to be responding to your efforts then maybe trying hanging out, invite him out with some friends, but keep it really casual. Let him see that you have changed, don’t point it out to him, if it was a real sore spot in your relationship then he will definitely notice.

Let the relationship take its course, it may be slow going but that is ok. Some things take longer to heal than others. He needs to see that you have changed for the long haul and that it is not just temporary. Hopefully by the holidays you will be thinking about what the new year will bring for the two of you, instead of thinking, “I’m still in love with my ex, how can I heal my broken heart?”.